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19 Dec 2015 - 17 Feb 2016


And that's it for 2015!


Enjoy is now closed for the summer break. Thank you to everyone who has visited the gallery, donated to our Boosted campaign, followed our activities online, read an Enjoy publication or purchased a work at this year's Buy Enjoy. 

We can't wait to share next year's programme with you, including our new website and an exciting range of exhibition projects and publications.

Our 2016 Summer Resident, Johanna Mechen, will be in the gallery from January 18. Further details of when the gallery will be open during the residency will be released in January.

Our first exhibition of 2016 opens on Wednesday 17 February, 5:30pm.

Mike Heynes
News of the Uruguay Round
17 February - 13 March, 2016


Until then, 

Love from Enjoy 


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