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Gabrielle Amodeo, Ruby Joy Eade, Clare Hartley McLean, Kalya Ward

Something felt, something shared

7 May 2015 - 30 May 2015

Curated by Emma Ng
Opening: May 6, 5.30pm

Strange frequencies are channelled through personal narratives and poetic placeholders in Something felt, something shared. As the artists traverse emotional and digital landscapes, the tangible takes a backseat to intimacies, psychic knowing, and ghostly encounters. Connections materialise and ruptures are negotiated in works that explore empathy, energies, and memory as alternative wellsprings of knowledge.


Ruby Joy Eade is a Wellington based artist whose current research revolves around investigations of empathy and affect. Largely drawn from obscure forms of social media and online forums, Eade’s text-based works utilise poetic fragments to portray an image of contemporary society that, on the surface at least, seems displaced from its ability to connect.

Clare Hartley McLean is an Auckland based artist. Graduating with a Grad. Dip. Visual Art from AUT in 2012, her work is focused on energy exchanges, primarily between human and non-human entities, and the exploration of spatial dynamics. Forming a bridge between psychic and digital agency Vibrational Counsel (the adventure of you), gives arbitrary access to psychic energy readings. This action compares and integrates the nature of psychic knowledge through an on-going series of options, enabling an unpredictable outcome for the participant.

Kalya Ward is a recent MFA graduate from Massey University, and has a strong interest in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. (Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction). Her work responds to her curious obsession with a moment in time where a childhood haunting and fledgling sentience intersect.  Did this memory occur at a particular house, at a precise moment as a result of sheer terror, or was it just coincidence? Can this memory be recalled through a sound recording, capturing with it the ghostly traces and voices of the dead that may travel the radio waves? 

Auckland born and now Wellington based, Gabrielle Amodeo's practice has recently begun exploring ways of dealing with autobiography. For this show, her work addresses the space a relationship holds through a facsimile (made up of multiple rubbings) of the entire floor of the house she and her partner own and have, until recently, lived in.  This collection of rubbings has poignancy as an accumulation of fragments of existence from this lived-in space. Acting as a place-holder for the intangible thing that is their relationship, their home has now been collapsed and folded into a compact series of folders.

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